Speakers at our 9th February 2022 Webcast

The ASF hosted its first event of 2022 in February. The online event was extremely well attended by over 40 of the world’s leading airlines, caterers, suppliers and industry governing bodies including the ACA, ACI, IFSA and IATA.

A key address was made by Jon Godson, Assistant Director Environment and Sustainability at IATA where he spoke about some of the global issues with current waste management & single use plastic regulations. IATA also announced that they will now join the Advisory Group of the ASF.



In addition, Joe Leader the APEX/IFSA CEO,  spoke about the importance APEX/ IFSA are placing on sustainability, as mandated by their Board of Governors, with all 4 & 5 star airlines required to demonstrate progress against their sustainability action plans in order to maintain and improve their ratings. He also talked about the importance of collaboration across the industry in order to deliver real change, highlighting the recently formed IFSA-ASF partnership as a good example thereof.



The ASF updated attendees on the current research project with Phase 1 completed and available now via the website. Phase 2 requires further funding and support from the membership – the expected methodology and outcomes were presented at the event. Phase 2 is expected to commence in the first half of 2022 and will provide guidance to address the challenges confronting the onboard industry towards achieving sustainable inflight services.



During the event the ASF polled the attendees and received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and support for its mission.



Please see below 3 video excerpts from the event.


Video 1. Intro from the ASF and insights from Joe Leader (APEX/IFSA).

Video 2. Sustainable Cabin Coordination, from Jon Godson (IATA)

Video 3. Q&A Session

ASF announces new collaboration in effort to tackle international cabin waste

The Aviation Sustainability Forum (ASF), a not-for-profit organisation aiming to improve sustainability in aviation, has today announced the appointment of international strategy consultancy Stonehaven and its sustainability firm Robertsbridge in London and Singapore. The partnership with Stonehaven and Robertsbridge will help to bolster the ASF’s sustainability capabilities and help drive plans to reduce cabin waste, standardise materials and improve circularity.

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IFSA & ASF partner to address aviation sustainability

Sustainability has been identified as a priority for the aviation industry by leaders in the space. The International Flight Services Association (IFSA) and the Aviation Sustainability Forum (ASF) as aligned stakeholders can bring the aviation sector together to collaborate and develop sector wide inflight solutions that can not only support the march of sustainability within aviation, but provide valuable insights and reputational benefit for both organizations, as well as for the industry at large.

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The Launch of the ASF

The Aviation Sustainability Forum (ASF) has joined the Advisory Committee for the Global Tourism Plastics Initiative, a programme led by the UNEP and World Tourism Organisation in collaboration with the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, to forge worldwide progress in the area of airline cabin waste.

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ASF Project 1 Phase 1 report available for download